Poetry, Quill


Turn in the beat of headlights, play the chorus, I’ve got something to edit, something to pen, something to confess

I know I let you down
And though you say the days are happy
Why is the power off, and I’m fucked up?
And yeah, I know I’m not around
But don’t you place the blame on me
As you pour yourself another drink and

I guess we are who we are
Headlights shining in the dark night, I drive on
Maybe we took this too far

I went in headfirst
Never thinking about who what I said hurt, in what verse
You all probably got it the worst
The brunt of it, but as stubborn as we are
Did I take it too far?
To the stars and all them other songs
But regardless I don’t hate you ’cause yeah
You’re still beautiful to me, I remember all those hours
Though far be it for you to be calling, the episode was Vietnam
Desert Storm and all of us put together
Can form an atomic bomb equivalent to chemical warfare
And forever we can drag this on and on
But, agree to disagree
It was all true I said, you were Brutus, et tu Brute, Ceaser was me
You’re kicking me out? I never cheated on you at least listen to me (little prick just leave)
Wait a minute, before we gloat, anything to have each other’s goats
Why we always at each others throats? Especially when you and me we both realize, We’re in the same fucking boat, you’d think that it’d make us close (nope)
Further away that drove us, but together headlights shine, a car full of belongings
Still got a ways to go, back to the launch when your feelings glowed
And I was always the leader of the pack, so my shoulders carried the weight of the load
Then it got all changed at the fete when our feelings were told, and
That’s when I realized you were hurt and it wasn’t fixable or changeable
And to this day we remained estranged and I hate it though, but

I guess we are who we are
Headlights shining in the dark night I drive on
Maybe we took this too far

But I’m really sorry for ‘To The Stars’, at the time I was angry
Rightfully maybe so, never meant that far to take it though, ’cause
Now I know it’s not your fault, and I’m not making jokes
That flow no longer goes and I cringe every time I get to hear its good- I might blow
And I think of you being placed in this situation
you yourself created for me everywhere I go
And how I just wanted you to taste your own, but
Now the all angers taken over and your mental peace’s deteriorating slow
And I’m way too old to cry, that shit’s painful though
I forgive you, can’t expect the same though
All you did, all you said, you did your best protect ‘em both
You only cared, that cross you bare, few may be as heavy as yours
I don’t want to accept it but I’m getting it now oh what a tangled web we have, ’cause

Cause enough of it shut the beat down now, lets get back to Prodigy, turn to my beats

Now, it feels I got to stay a mile away from raps, just look at them distantly

Cause the moment I pen one regret overpowers instantly

Force shut down these demons in my head

It’s the 3 in the morning I’m laying in my bed

The lyrics wont stop and the beat never dies, 24/7 365 all the time I hit this vibe

I ask to myself is this life

Too strong to cry too tough to die

Cant just end it all with a weak sigh

The expectations and the admirations are so damn high

Feels I’m male mother mary heaven’s my home and my ground is sky

Still i decide to go the other way round

I put this craft, out in public

and start to get replies

one says you sure you wanna do this

other says stop disturbing people’s peace of mind

Im sorry love, i never meant this

But you got to open your eyes, dont be biased, dont turn blind

Its the same people who did this shit

yet they never agreed to it

But once I pen it down, they feel all so relatable, cause now I’m blamable

Its so fix-atable, I guess im not bearable

but think of that young kid once

who walked in Rumi’s fields

and talked about Hafiz’s dreams

yet all he does now is cribs and screams

while you talk of peace of mind

after leaving him alone- he’s a problem child

well I guess you got to sit down

and hear not mine, not his, but your sound

before you prounce on that problem child

you got to open your eyes, don’t be biased, don’t be blind

Yeah, I’m sorry and scared to even think of her attempting suicide

But I guess it gotta be tasted once, what’s that- potassium cyanide

Life is all about highs and lows, but sometime certain things make you blow

And I don’t get it how is everything finished, when you end with end

With a heavy dialogue and feed me shit

Am I not supposed to bounce back, even if it’s through these little soundtracks

Well in the end, I just agree, even I feel I need a therapist to see

A mad child, a problem child, no one wants to see

But yeah don’t give me your fake sympathy

Just rather stay a block away from me

You all got it, stripped me off my confidence

Mission accomplished, I am off with competence

I rest my quill, guess that’s what doesn’t make us alike

As long I’ve got it I feel god like  

But I just wanna be a normal child

Snubbed in his books, got no reason to cry

No Mozart, got no skills

No dissing and no lyrical kills

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