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A peculiar concept to bring your dreams to existence by providing you the very platform you always dreamt off. An opportunity to publish your works worldwide and indeed an
endeavour to provide you a ‘mysa’ in this contemporary incessant world.



And when did your mind, full of chaos, engulfed you so much that now words are being interpreted by the chaos and not the heart.



As the petrified juvenile rose upon his toes and, ventured to peep through the keyhole, he watched with tears rolling down his chubby cheeks and inscrutable face, the ‘MAN of the Family’ beat his mother again. Submitting to the cruelty he rushed to the shore and questioned his God, “Oh! God, if mother’s placed even above you why doesn’t she get the powers at least similar to you? Why doesn’t she get at least half the respect given to you?” and added suddenly, “And please reply soon this time, she easily differentiates between the sea water and tears hid beneath the sand upon my face.”




“What is a suicide?” questioned the lecturer.

“A murder executed psychologically.” echoed a grave voice in the class.



Delve deep into those beguile eyes and feel the innocence for you, you may find your the lost mirror too.


The Incomplete Poems

I have book of incomplete poems,

I look at them first and then at myself

Just like me they got some feelings which only I understand

And probably some stranger would find them utterly meaningless syllable.

Just like me they are incomplete yet complete.

They are trying to find words which will complete them,

Just like I try to find you to complete me.

I have a book of incomplete poems,

and probably you will help me in making them complete.


मेरी राह…

मेरी राह कितनी बेवफा है तू।
तू ही मिटाती है उठाती भी है तू ॥
तेरा ना कोई आगाज़ हुआ ना कोई मंज़िल है तुझसे।
पर अपनी स्याही से यादों की पंक्तियाँ छोड़ जाती है तू ॥

वक़्त तेरी शमशीर है।
रफ़्तार तेरी नज़ाकत॥
फरेब की आग से भी तालीम की राख छोड़ जाती है तू ॥

इस चाँद की धुन से
इस सूरज की मस्ती से
मुझे तूने ही मिलाया है ॥

इस बारिश की जउबान से
इस बिजली की यलगार से
मुझे तूने ही मिलाया है ॥

इश्क़ की सादगी से।
दुनिया की तकल्लुफ तक॥
जिंदगी के कितने नकाब तूने हटाए।
ऐसे कितने रोज़ हैं तेरे पास बता ज़रा मैं बेसबर बहुत हुईं॥

तुझसे जिंदगी में कितना कुछ जान लिया।
पर तुझसे ही मैं अनजान हूं॥
महज अपने अल्फ़ाज़ों में ही।
तेरा वजूद ढून्ढ रही हूं मैं॥