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A peculiar concept to bring your dreams to existence by providing you the very platform you always dreamt off. An opportunity to publish your works worldwide and indeed an
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Brevity, Quill


Today, she woke up again, to the new sunny day.

With the same blizzard, 

Cold and violent, stinging her heart, 

Like everyday.

Poetry, Quill

Love notes

And the next time you come back ,
I will be right here ,
in this living room ,
Snuggled up between couch and table ,
In our white shirt ,
sipping ‘that’ coffee ,
Grinning at you after creating a mess ,
And I tend to close my eyes ,
When I know you’re here to catch me ,
If I ever fall .

Poetry, Quill

Grass and history

Every blade of grass,

That grows in the mud,

Tells a story unseen,

Unheard by anyone,

As they lay under the stars,

Teenagers they were,

And soon came marriage,

The leaves drenched in roses,

As the lightest feet,

Of a child touch the earth,

And soon, old age,

Turned another page,

And the ground was cleared,

Out for a grave,

And the little blades of grass,

Saw it all, yet was silent,

For many had come before,

And many would come again,

And the grass shall stand tall,

To bear it all,

Shining brightly, towards,

Another day.

Brevity, Quill

To Those Lost In The Chaos

Wait..The moment just passed by did you bothered to look up?

Do you remember the last time you sat by the window with your cup of coffee? The last time you gave the passer-by a winning smile? How long it has been since you and Mom cooked together? When was the last time you laughed your heart out on a silly antic?

It’s really not about the big turnovers in life rather about the little things we miss everyday. I don’t know what  you are going through. We live in completely different stories. The world maybe is on chaos. Maybe your life is too but the storm will clear and the sun will again shine bright. You’ll have to discover yourself. Wait…Relax…Cherish the moment!!!

Brevity, Poetry


Have you ever noticed?
How much we have changed
We are losing ourselves
We are putting us in slaves!!

Have you ever noticed?
How much we have changed
We are far away from solitude
We are becoming so rude!!

Have you ever noticed?
How much we have changed
We are living in hustle bustle
We are becoming so judgmental!!

Have you ever noticed?
How much we have changed
We are scrolling our phones all day
We are doing the things that others say!!

Have you ever noticed?
How much have we changed
We are forgetting our values all the time
We are taking revenge time to time !!

So why can’t we change ?
Isn’t it so strange …

So its time to think,
Let your eyes blink!!

Begin with the solitude
It will surely change your attitude !!

Brevity, Quill


Her laughter rings out like ripples in still water. She giggles and chortles, eyes turned to slits and mouth in a wide smile. The creases of her face disappear, radiating pure joy. She keeps on laughing till her stomach hurts and jaw grows weary. And afterwards a warm and comforting feeling makes her glow. Her eyes dazzle with mischief as she hugs me. Yes, she was successful in scaring the wits out of me. After all my mother deserves her share of laughter.