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Book Reviews

The House in the Cerulean Sea

Author- TJ Klune

My Rating: 5/5
Genres and Tags: Adult, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, LGBTQ+ rep, M/M romance, F/F romance (mentioned)
Content Warning: Prejudice/hatred
Publication Date: March 17, 2020

Review :
The House in the Cerulean Sea is a beautiful, breathtaking, wholesome story from start to finish.
It’s wonderfully-written, and it was able to capture the emotions and thoughts of the characters and project it to me as a reader.

The characters are amazing and I couldn’t help but feel closer to them and get invested in their stories.

The plot, while simple, is still incredibly profound. My whole attention was tuned into the story and what will come next.
Above all, this is a story that teaches us to be kind, that the world is not merely black and white, and that it’s okay to feel small once in a while. I’m completely blown away by it. I fell in love with this story and I’ll forever cherish it in my heart.


Unsaid Feelings //

// sometimes you can look like you’re laughing and having fun, but deep down your whole chest hurts trying to keep up the facade. each forced laugh tears you a little from the inside, and you forcefully bite your lip to stop the tears from flowing. the emptiness weighs you down and as you tumble into oblivion, you watch your whole life unbecoming right in front of you. you try to escape but your body seems to have lost all its functioning. you stare hard into the mirror, hoping for any explanation whatsoever. you look at moving buses and children laughing and couples fighting, but all you are is a spectator. all you feel is this numbing sensation that is continuously buzzing in your head. you can’t escape it. it is a part of you now. it is you. you are the disjointed and disintegrating pieces of what was once a functioning human. //


I Saw You Lying

It was a normal afternoon,
Cappuccino mugs; crescent rolls,
Decorative crystal pots,
Under the blaze of clear skies.
She was lying there wondering,
Drowning in the sweet misery,
As he was sabotaging the ties of their relationship,
Little water droplets running down her rosy red cheeks,
Coming from somewhere lying deep down inside her heart,
With a Mozart song playing in background,
Her heart is racing ; it’s pounding and deafening
The beatings,the words, he left her weak but her heart can’t let go,
She wants to hate him, for all the awful things he did yet she always found herself running to him,

She’s heartbroken that he looked into those eyes and lied ,
All the ‘dire’ meetings when he got ready hastily at night,
and slowly slipped into her bed at 5 am in the morning,
So she lies there,
Wondering why would she never be enough?
Wanting to mend the holes inflicted on her soul,
she knows, as soon as the bell rings,
She would open the door , whilst her mind whispers with a rasping voice like a rewinded record ,
she would be smiling at the outside, but she’s dead inside
And once more, he would smile & sleep thinking that’s he’s adept at the art of lying
And she would know that he couldn’t see the truth because he doesn’t look into her eyes anymore,

He’s the burn of a cigarette smoke,
He’s harmful,
He’s causing pain , she’s drowning in grief,
Yet she needs him, she craves him.
While he, takes a drag with his other lover.

Poetry, Quill


I am shoved under,
My opinion is shushed,
My soul, sundered.
Day after day, scorching my existence
Day after day, disdaining my resistants
Worldly affairs might burn me down
Turn me into ash and extol my breakdown but,
I am the PHOENIX and I’ll rise from the ground.
I am the PHOENIX and I’ll rise from the ground.



I've been told:
"It will be okay,
If you keep writing
Within the lines.
You can fly high
But don’t cross the sky."
Someone will always
Be better than you.
There will be days
When crying’ll be all
You’d wanna do.
"You won’t have to suffer
If you stay in your limits."
It’s a tough choice
We all know:
Happiness or safety
The decision will show.
None of this makes sense
Never it will:
Because you don’t get it
The way I do.
For you are not me
And I’ve never been you.

My Mind

Oh mind
Why you play
The same melodious song again
Oh mind
Why you sing
The same wonderful words again
Whereas you know
I am the only one
To listen to it
Closing my eyes
Perched, relaxed
Oh mind…
You are making
My inner soul dance
To that melody
Whereas you know
I am the only one
To watch it
A soothing breeze
Kissed my cheeks
And wrapped me
With a sweet scent
And made my eyes open…
Amazingly saw
The nature too dancing
To the melodious song
Of my mind…
To the melodious song
Of my mind…

Write Ups

Dear Extrovert friend

Dear Extrovert friend,

To be honest with you, I don’t have the words to make you feel better but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and yes I do have a heart that’s aching to see you smile again.

With love,
Your Introvert mate