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Write Ups


Humans can agree to getting married to an animal or tree for their better future,
But cannot agree if humans marry humans,
They can accept the astrologies all over the world,
But cannot accept that a man loves another man,
I know this world isn’t a good place to live in and also can’t agree more to it that people are still not living broad and open minded. But dear LGBTQ+ community,
I, with all my love to you guys, support you, and stand by you. Humans love humans and theirs no big deal in it.
It is not at all your mistake that you are this good at heart, its somewhere our society’s fault that they never accepted you all with open handed.
To all those who stand by this beautiful community,
Let’s take a moment to thank them for giving us one more side of love,
And let’s all pledge that we will celebrate love every day, every month and every year not just only in june.
We stand by you all.
You all look beautiful.
We love you all.
Humans love humans.🏳️‍🌈

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Write Ups


it’s okay to not be okay
to be looking for
the needle of hope
in a pile of hay

it’s okay to feel low
when life gives a harsh blow
when there’s little you could know
when there’s nowhere else to go

it’s okay to want to disappear
it’s okay if this is too much to bear
reach out to me,
i swear i’m near

let’s set it right,
we’re in this together
let’s make the days bright
i promise, it will get better

Book Reviews

Last Girls

Title: Last Girls
Author: Demetra Brodsky
My rating: 5/5
Genre/s and Tags: Young Adult, Contemporary, Suspense/Thriller, Realistic Fiction
Content Warnings: Physical violence, mentions of murder, graphic details about wounds/violence
Publication date: May 5, 2020

Last Girls is a wonderfully written story that will take you for a thrilling ride, keep you on your toes, and surprise you until the end. It’s brilliant! 

Last Girls has a unique and palpable suspense that will have the readers (or the viewers!) hold their breaths or clutch the armrest or send their minds reeling. From start to finish, the author managed to project that same suspense and tension onto me as the reader.

The characters were amazing, and not just the Juniper sisters, but the minor characters as well! The plot was easy to follow, and it was also mysterious, suspenseful, and exciting! I loved all the foreshadowing, tiny revelations, and little mysteries in this book! The author did such a good job with them, and I was always thinking about all those tiny details or I kept going back to certain parts of the book to confirm my suspicions and theories. I was so invested in them and it blew my mind every time I came across a plot twist or revelation.
I also loved the writing style of this book and the way the story was told (with two different perspectives that will connect later in the story). Best of all is that, at the core of Last Girls is the importance of family and sticking together no matter what. I loved that.

Poetry, Quill

Bravehearts In A War

Bravehearts often fall asleep,
With wounds inside their minds,
Yet silently they wash away,
Crimson off their eyes,

War is noble, war is good,
Preach it to a child,
And soon enough all it knows,
Is war torments the kind,

And all you wanted was for men,
To be vicious and vile,
To slay your foe, to be an end,
To all that made one smile,

You wanted war and all was lost,
Beasts kept running wild,
You might’ve won, but at what cost,
Again, I see that child,

Guillotine upon your neck,
A fire in its eyes,
Alas a monster that you made,
Was causing your demise,

“Don’t be scared now, be a man”,
I hear it in my brain,
I’m still afraid and I’ll always be,
But I’ll be a man again,

“Cry like a man”, I’ll tell my child,
For I know those tears are pure,
He’ll be whatever he wants to be,
Of that I will make sure,
I hope he opens up to me,
So those wounds could still be cured,
Oh what a braveheart that must be,
Unafraid to be insecure.

Book Reviews

We Use To Be Friends

We Used To Be Friends is a story about two best friends, Kat and James who start to drift
apart. It’s a story told from a dual point of views and a converging timeline.
I’ve gone through multiple friendship break-ups in my life as I’m sure the rest of you would
have and yet the media keeps glorifying romantic break-ups and turning a blind eye to
friendships. This is why I was so excited to hear the premise of this book. There’s no
sugar-coating this one, the title says it all. People change and friendships run their course
and I found that We Used To Be Friends explored this aspect beautifully. Kat and James
are total opposites and we get a glimpse into both their lives and the circumstances which
lead to their break-up. At its core this book is about friendship. Through Kat and James we
can see how much friendships means and the ways in which good friends can carry you
through life. We go through the frustrating part of trying to figure out the rules of friendships
and making new friends along with the negative feelings like frustration and jealousy that
come into play. Sometimes friendships don’t work out no matter how hard we try and no
matter how bad we want to stick to our old friends. Sometimes we just have to let go.

Another great aspect that was explored is how often romance takes the front-seat and
friends are pushed back. I hate when characters desert their friends for romance and then
go running back whenever something disastrous happens in their romantic life, taking
friendship for granted. Spalding explores that with Kat and James and I’m infinitely grateful
to see that portrayal. It’s simply amazing how the author was able to encompass such a
wide array of aspects of friendship in such a way that every single person can see their
friendships reflected in this book. This is one book I feel that I won’t mind reading over and
over, just to remind myself the importance of friendships and letting go when things turn


I Wonder //

// i wonder if you, too, look in the mirror and wish for kind eyes to greet you. i wonder if you, too, look at your half-bitten nails and hope for somebody’s equally misshapen nails to hold them. i wonder if you, too, sometimes flinch at your own touch, surprised by the strange tenderness of your fingers. i wonder if you, too, tremble thinking about all the love you long for. i wonder if you, too, try to calm your heart’s yearning for an all-consuming love. //

Book Reviews

The Subtweet

“Unlike many artists, she had never considered herself a mere vessel for the muse, or a
medium, or even a parent. Her songs weren’t her “babies”. Her songs were her.”
The Subtweet is a book that really touched my heart. It spins a beautiful narrative of
friendships, trust, brown women and music that simply pulls you in. The writing is so
fluid and easy to follow that it took every ounce of my will power to put this book down
even for a second. Vivek Shraya’s writing is so powerful, I can almost feel the music
radiating off the pages in waves.
The story is told by Neela who is closed off, wary of the world and somewhat of a
perfectionist, as well as Rukmini who is bold, experimental, tech-savvy and a friendly
personality in general. Both of them formed such an uncanny duo but one I was
immediately rooting was. It was beautiful to watch their friendship flourish despite the
unbalanced dynamics with Rukmini seeking Neela’s respect as an artist and Neela
feeling that the world appreciated her art only in Rukmini’s hands.
“What was it about whiteness that seemed to elicit an infinite spring of faith and second

I feel that everything in this book hit me to my core and reflected aspects of our lives,
especially my life as a brown woman more than I ever expected it to. It really made me
reflect over music and ownership as well as relationships in life. This book raises so
many important questions revolving around the topics of artists and music and brown
people leaning into their ethnicity or appeasing white-people; it all left my mind reeling.
I think in certain parts the narrative was a mess of thoughts but I really and truly loved
that the most. If you’re someone who appreciates any form of art, especially music and
likes to read about friendships and relationships then this is certainly the book for you.

Poetry, Quill

The Woman I Love

Dear Mother
She’s beautiful
A little dark complexion
With beautifully highlighted features
Her arms exposing the stories of her life,
And oh her words, the way they make me smile.
She’s everything you said my life partner should be
Mother, She’s everything I need.

Dear mother,
I am scared
I do not really know how you would feel
Or react perhaps, when the love of my life would you meet.

But didn’t you always tell me that she’s a safe place?
When at the age of 12 you
taught me the difference between a male and a female.
When a ‘girl’ friend meant ‘perfect’
And a ‘guy’ friend meant ‘slut’
Then why today when I am in love with a girl,
Am I looked down upon?
Why is it not okay?

When at the age of 20, it was suddenly okay to bring women inside my bedroom
But not men. . .
Then why when today I want to bring her home,
Is it not okay?

When in 7th standard I walked my way back from school to home,
Were you not the one who said ‘Baby, befriend
girls and do not let any guy travel the distance with you’
Then why when today I want to walk
the aisle of my life with her,
Is it not okay???? You are deemed ‘the perfect girl’ your entire life
for you did exactly what they said.
What’s that? You may ask
Well, for starters you had around You more of females
And less of these men they called ‘beast’
Main course had these dishes with extra flowing repellant behaviour towards male friends
And the delicious desert offered you the opportunity to finally be semi-naked inside your bedroom with your girl-friends,
Then why today when you want that one girl around for the rest of your life,
Is it not okay?

When sharing the same lady’s room is the rule,
When listening to ‘Hey I like your bra’ is the ultimate goal
Then why today when my body aches to touch her, to love her
Is it a sin?
Why is it not Okay?

Dear society,
Love is boundless
Love is the purest form of life
Then why my love is not loving?
Why I have limits, laws claiming me
Holding me in shackles
Why the same girl everyone loved,
The same girl termed pure
Is now a disgrace. . .