Quill, Write Ups

Check List

Send in the check list

and let’s start to tick

the people who might get offended

even those you didn’t diss

while you pen these raps

sitting on the cliff

they’re in their in groups cussing you

you little prick

he makes us so sick

guess, his throat has to be slit

and flow his brains out with a brick

but the skull is so damn thick

put it in the micro, cook us an aspic

and pull his guts out with a stick

it’s what they say is his shtick

maybe that’ll end this shit

that’s the only option cause he says wouldn’t quit

the raps wont cease to spit

even when he’s ninety half dead with a drip

wont loose even a bit of grip

he’ll continue to make people flip

who the f*** requires bondages?

my words are enough to strip

Then these people boycott me

one of your verses dude, that strike us blue

The f*** am I even supposed to reply

cause bitch that wasn’t even meant for you

But yeah, I get it, you can’t undo the shit you spoke

can’t take back those endless jokes

from my accent to my being a broke

my mix of meth and coke

me lighting up that bloke

and how I killed her little hope

do me a favour, get me a f****** rope

that’s the only option after what I spoke

But guess, another controversy would be better

I’m just loving it holy smokes!!!

They sit across in the room and tell me I don’t listen to nobody

And how should I feel after hearing it from a person who meant life to me

I’ve just realized I can’t change the way the people think

And yes, it hurts just as much as your eyes getting pinched

As if it’s been a million minutes and you haven’t blinked

While your nose is still stuck in the door hinge

And your entire existence turns out to be sinned

But the worst of it still remains inexpressible

Cause what I say is a hundred percent cerebral

Because the major part in it was played by a b****

Who’s just an overrated Jesus, actually isn’t worth shit

The thigs are getting heavy now

and we don’t understand what to reply he dissed us so bad, let’s just drag in di

Cause you know then I wouldn’t intercede, just accept whatever she’ll speak

And while you drench all this humanity out of her, you call her biased, you freak

But that’s what your love is, bleak and weak, what did you do for her in all these years? Traduce-y

Then what the f*** makes you wonder wiping off your tears is her God damn duty

Then go downstairs and tell the world you’ll confront me face to face, call the police

Cause the entire episode is just a giant heist, I robbed you off your mental peace

Then warned how I’ll skin you all like a flock of geese

And mark my words, even when the anger’s gone the intensity wouldn’t decrease

Cause it was you the one who drew the line

And forced the world to choose the sides

Whether you like it or not you got to agree

Then you played your card

I’m just an innocent millennial, save me please

I’m a hundred percent clean

He’s the one whose always so keen

To blow off on us

And he would just start to cuss

He made it all a fuss

Then he would just vent out

And put it up on the website

Without even feeling the need to discuss

It just leaves us all in disgust

Tell us yourself isn’t boycotting a must?

And the next thing to do, yeah that’s right

Call my mom up and tell her about the shit I write

Jesus Christ, I’ll get slapped twice or thrice

Still wouldn’t give a damn, just continue to write

Stand right beside and give a bright smile

Confused? Yeah that’s fine

Cause I mail her a copy myself of everything I write

Is that alright, I don’t think so no

But at least I ain’t got nothing to hide

Cause now I know that I’m riding on right

And it doesn’t matter if no one’s standing beside

It’s the entire world versus me in this fight

But don’t you worry, they call me modern day Zeus

I’m f****** God like.

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