Happy B’day Anhad

To her loud laughters and welcoming smile,

Hey gurl….Happy Birthday.

Anhad, her name means the sound that has always been there from the very beginning, just like she is there for anyone and everyone. This girl has got a lively sprit. And is truly the life of the party and our small gangs. She spreads love like confetti. Partner in Crime on some days, stirct and stern on the others, she is the teacher’s favorite kid.

We wish you shine and break all the shackles to achieve what you deserve.

Happy 17th.

Team- The Pocket Diaries


Autumn,him and I

Pavements full of fallen leaves,

Light blue sky,

Sunny days,

There was something about autumn,

That made his eyes light up so bright,

His smile so radiant,

His hair , a shade of amber

There was something about autumn,

That just like leaves:

So gently ; So effortlessly

I also fell for him.



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Happy Birthday Ishtpreet

Continuing our traditional of probably the last yet lovely birthday wish, today we feel gleeful and honored to wish none other than our very own Ishtpreet Singh Cheema.

Oh, he is the person who’s got that passion burning in his eyes, who’s got dreams touching the skies, yet the roots right in the ground and indeed the guy who’s got euphony in his voice. 

Battling all the obstacles in his way, the sixteen year old has already won innumerable completions and hearts.

With already three of your official Punjabi tracks published, we all wish you a journey where you never look back.


Happy Birthday Vishesh

Happy Birthday Vishesh, the man with widest smile, even shadowing his ears and yet his words as intense as possible…

Yout witty sense of humor with the blend of satire with touches of poetic expressions indeed make you up an exclusive writer. Rather an irreplaceable one…

We hope you attain all the heights you wish for, and shine like never before. We hope you succeed in every sphere of life along with your beautiful smile…

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday

  • Team The Pocket Diaries.

Happy Birthday ArtMan

Happy Birthday ArtMan… We may not be the first ones to wish but indeed will be the last ones….

The man with brush guns and colours as bullets, a grenade of 3D drawings and indeed the Armor of graphics….

The man with finest sketches, the man with perfect strokes, the artist we love, the ArtMan we know…

The Pocket Diaries wishes you happiest birthday…


______ Children’s Day


On this felicitous Children’s Day, other than cheering you a wish, I place forth you a humble request, rather a plea to free the chained child in you.

The child tied up in chains of misery, locked in the name of one’s ostensible social image and crumbled under the workload.

The child, who’s morsels still try to escape through your dry tear glands, the child who’s laugh still haunts those deaf ears of yours.

The child you forgot exists.… a while ago, the child you forgot still breathes…. a while ago and indeed revive the one many killed…. a while ago.

Please unshackle that child still wandering in your hollow soul, please unchain that child still craving his lost home.


Toiling Tiller

A still Kodak, experiencing the reaper rise to work along with the saffron morning sun, still hidden beneath the blanket of clouds.