Lily’s Eyes //

// lily had brown eyes. eyes that were ready to jilt everything for a gilded tomb. eyes so clad with avarice that everything else was a mere epiphenomenon of life. eyes burdened with a jeremiad against society for keeping the gold out of its reach. eyes lost on the apocryphal maxim that accumulating enough substance would eventually fill the emptiness plaguing them. //



Injustices of the past and present weigh us down,
Does it matter whether we are black, white or brown?
When in pain, we scream.
For a better world, we all dream.
We all bleed red.
Then tell me, why does a black man lie dead?

The fairest men can be demons,
Those as dark as night can be pure.
Before judging them by the shade of their skin,
Have you ever asked what lies within?

Today, a man is dead.
His heart, stopped.
His screams, silenced.
His breath, stolen.
And his tears, still not black.

For that one man, and the countless before him,
Humanity should burn.
We should pay the price for the ones who have been spurned.

Maybe someday, all humans will be equal.
Maybe someday, compassion will be integral.
Maybe someday, being different will not be a crime.
Mankind waits for such a time.

But today, a fair murderer lives and a black man has died.
The difference is,
The colour of their hides.

-Anika Johri


अपनी पहचान

एक एक कदम बढ़ाके तू,
पार करले रेगिस्तान,
दुख-दर्द भुला कर तू,
बना ले अपनी पहचान ।

बगीचे का तू फूल नहीं,
पहाड़ों का नहीं तू वन,
बंजर ज़मीन से उठा है तू,
संघर्ष कर तू हर क्षण ।

नदियों मैं लहरें है आती,
बादल जब बरसाये पानी,
पर तू किसी की राह ना देख,
समुद्र जैसा बन सर्वशक्तिशाली ।

सामन्य न समझ तू खुदको,
श्रम कर और बन तू महान,
दुख-दर्द भुला कर तू,
बना ले अपनी पहचान ।


Self-Healing //

// saying to yourself,
“i’m a nice person and
i did not deserve what happened to me,”
takes a lot of courage
but it is the first step towards healing. //


In A World Better Than This //

// 5:06 pm

a few specks of lilac thrown across the sky

a quiet breeze sways

everything is same

as i wait for you

on that rusted park bench;

only this time-

you come. //



Like the moon,
I emerged at night.
Nourished by the dark,
As flowers are by light.
For goodness,
I battled with all my might,
Yet against the Devil,
I lost the fight.




the scarlet of dusk embraces your sorrows as you fall deeper in love. the words escape her cherry flavoured lips, and stab your heart.

how could someone be such an ecstasy? 

she loves licking the fresh wounds on your neck. her nails trace the lines of your sins, you want to run away. you fail. 

“hold me tight”

she wages war on your thoughts as the sapphire on her neck reflects her power in the dark.

she laces her hands through your long, soft hair

and snaps your neck.

rage surges through her like fire from hell

and blood spills from places you kissed her, while she drags you to the closet door.

                                                         -she’s red.


Freedom (or not?)

All this time

I’ve been told:

It will be okay,

If you keep writing

Within the lines.

You can fly high

But don’t cross the sky.

Someone will always 

Be better than you.

There will be days

When crying’ll be all

You’d wanna do.

You won’t have to suffer

If you stay in your limits.

It’s a tough choice

We all know:

Happiness or safety

The decision will show.

None of this makes sense

Never it will

Because you don’t get it 

The way I do.

For you are not me

And I’ve never been you.


Merging Into the Macrocosm //

// when you dive into the world,
the world also dives into you –
both hoping to fathom what
each other’s chaos hides in
its capricious bosom,
both hoping to discover
uncharted islands lying
deep in each other’s sinews;
so let the world in
let the world explore
and uncover the galaxies
abound in your feeble bones
let it immerse you
in your entirety
until both your seas
coalesce into the
ocean of infinitude. //