Quill, Write Ups


Just stop, okay.
Stop counting the days since he last messaged you. No, stop thinking about how he hasn’t talked to you since 5 days. Stop staring at the blackboard and start listening to the professor, your melancholy isn’t going to help you with your grades.
Don’t sigh.
Take a deep breath,
He has draped your love with feigned ignorance, stop checking his last seen. He’s not going to reply to your messages.
No, the sunset is not gloomy today, or the night is not quieter. It’s just the smell of cigarettes, not his. Don’t be a wreck.
Don’t hallucinate.
Take a deep breath,



Sometimes being stiff, rigid and relentless doesn’t make you strong rather love, tears and hardships do. Sometimes the person you love , hurts you. Sometimes, an unexpected thing just happens and turns your life upside down. Sometimes, you can feel so full that you might be overflowing with joy and happiness. Sometimes you can feel so empty , it’s like you are caught up in a world of perplexities , loneliness and darkness. And sometimes no matter how hard you try to push away a thought, it kind of just stays in the air. Sometimes you know everything and still know nothing. You could be standing in the front of truth , a truth that can hurt you deeply , & is capable of shattering your heart into a million pieces and still not know what to do. Sometimes you just want someone to hold your hand and say,”stay!”. But you see, that’s how life is. Life isn’t a garden with roses, bougainvillea’s , daisies or orchids rather it’s a battlefield. Life breaks you, it makes you suffer, it punches you in the face, it makes you breathless, it gives you pain. Life isn’t one word , rather it carries with it an infinite sea of words and phrases. Life is a lot of things. Life is pain. Life is ecstasy. Life is misery. Life is contentment. Life is heartbreaks. Life is darkness. Life is suffering. Life is a million things but most importantly ,maybe, life is just a delusion.

Quill, Write Ups

And So I Conclude To You

There is a humongous possibility that you may criticize me, to the point of where we shall rather call it, crucify me for what I am about to utter. But I plead you to try and understand what I say before the rant is launched.

“I have seen all the works that are done under the sun. And, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit. I communed with mine own heart, saying: “Lo, I am come to great estate”. And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly. I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit. For in such wisdom is much grief, and he that increases knowledge, increases sorrow.”

With contemplation, we non arguably agree, wisdom is but the prime virtue. And in accordance with Ecbert, such wisdom brings much grief. This brings in the fact that this is rather a loop of grief and wisdom. Where attaining wisdom gives rise to grief but wisdom itself, on the first hand, stems of grief. Creating the eternal loop with no bars on increase in knowledge or pain.

But what I bring to you is a different tale. Where grief is spoken as pain and wisdom, after all, is the sum of emotional and intelligence quotient of a man.

As to what it appears, pain is in a symbiotic relationship with both the intelligence and emotional quotient of a human being. A relation where more is the pain fed, more does the value of quotients rises. But, what makes this relation agathokakological is that pain feeds but only on the human spirit. And by eating the spirit gradually it strengthens the emotional and intelligence quotient of the very body the same spirit resides in. Hitherto creating a scenario where your spirit is consumed by the pain you carry which in turn increases your ability to reason as well as to understand your emotions more efficiently.

To link it to the more common examples in our world, we are well aware of the many stories of how the greatest of men who walked upon the surface of this planet, from inventors, to artists, to investors, to athletes had one thing in common in all their stories- ceaseless suffering. But unlike the eternal loop we talked of, this truth fits into our reality as well for there is a bar up to which a man can live.

This creates a limit upon both the wisdom and grief of a man. This limit is what we call spirit. The day we cease is the day when our spirit runs out, when pain runs out of food to consume. This day our ability to develop our quotients ceases. Our wisdom, our knowledge stands stagnant at a point, out of pain to consume to grow further. And hence, when the heart and mind get stagnant and the spirit runs out it is then that the body stops to function any longer.

And so I conclude to you, suffering is imperative for great intelligence and emotion as well.

Brevity, Quill


It started with a whisper, a crackling whisper of resistance. It spread across regions, infecting the oppressed. It became the sound of the voiceless to fight for their rights. It moved people to stand up, it compelled them to raise their arms in solidarity, it burned in their hearts, it fired up their minds. It had slept soundly for centuries, showing up now and then. But this time, this day, it gained strength. It gave hope, embers of persistence. It made us speak, something we chose to ignore. But now, it resides in our resolve. It made us realize the world of inequality and injustice that we live in. It made us aware of the crumbling pillars of democracy. It opened our eyes to face the emaciated poverty-stricken strata, labouring on barren fields. It made us hear the wails of malnourished children, the victim of diseases. It made us feel the agony of traders and small businessmen. It made us smell the burning stubble.

It made us alive, ready to fight back. We, the people of India, stand tall, one for all and all for one.

This change started with a whisper, the crackling whisper of dissent.

Quill, Write Ups


In a heartbeat I was thrown to the ground, beaten with iron rods on my head, my blood splattered on the pavement adorned with paan, red all around, saffron to be precise. In a heartbeat, the land I was standing on sunk into the ocean, taking my little hut on the mangrove with it, as the water level increased to a frightening height.

In a heartbeat, the internet shut off, rendering me incapable of communicating with my family, telling them that I was singled out and abused for being an alien in my country, unable to go back to my land and wander in my own Switzerland. In a heartbeat, the fish I loved to observe was there no more, dead in some forsaken corner of the Yangtze River.

In a heartbeat, my words started to reek of my religion, people around me looked at my clothes to ostracize me. In a heartbeat, I was going to die, the air in Delhi was not conducive for pranayaam.

In a heartbeat, I was devoured by beasts in the garb of teenagers, too shaken to protect what was left of me. In a heartbeat, I was slapped by my father, for going out into the streets to protest.

In a heartbeat, the drug I had taken made me forget my worries till death. In a heartbeat, my house was burned in front of my eyes and my father was taken by his long hair, stabbed multiple times.

In a heartbeat, so small yet profound, I ceased to dream, sleep, laugh and live. In this heartbeat, the world that was mine ceased to be.


Echos Of A War Cry

I echo your echoes,
And your cries,
You echo the echoes,
From a million stars,
And I shape my mind,
With burning eyes,
For echoes of echoes,
Are all I see,
And the echoes speak,
Of all misery,
For bad times,
Birth strong men,
Yet weak men,
Birth bad times,
What times are these?,
I ask myself,
Sewn mouths,
And lidded eyes,
Yet “peacefully”,
I shall hold myself,
For peace is struggle,
In disguise,
Peace is patient,
Muffled cries,
I hear the echoes,
Of times of war,
That births from these,
Mundane, peaceful times,
I choose my war,
Over this peace of yours,
For my war has fire,
That purifies,
Burn your rotten,
Selfish peace,
Or my war shall see,
Your sacrifice,
In times like these,
My gods have bled,
And in times like these,
Have tyrants died,
In times like these,
Are echoes spread,
The times like these,
Are your demise.


Happy New Year

We owe a big thanks to 2019 for being one hell of a year. From finding new talents and creating wonderful works. Thanks for being a part of this beautiful journey. We are grateful.

Cheers to 2020

Quill, Write Ups

Check List

Send in the check list

and let’s start to tick

the people who might get offended

even those you didn’t diss

while you pen these raps

sitting on the cliff

they’re in their in groups cussing you

you little prick

he makes us so sick

guess, his throat has to be slit

and flow his brains out with a brick

but the skull is so damn thick

put it in the micro, cook us an aspic

and pull his guts out with a stick

it’s what they say is his shtick

maybe that’ll end this shit

that’s the only option cause he says wouldn’t quit

the raps wont cease to spit

even when he’s ninety half dead with a drip

wont loose even a bit of grip

he’ll continue to make people flip

who the f*** requires bondages?

my words are enough to strip

Then these people boycott me

one of your verses dude, that strike us blue

The f*** am I even supposed to reply

cause bitch that wasn’t even meant for you

But yeah, I get it, you can’t undo the shit you spoke

can’t take back those endless jokes

from my accent to my being a broke

my mix of meth and coke

me lighting up that bloke

and how I killed her little hope

do me a favour, get me a f****** rope

that’s the only option after what I spoke

But guess, another controversy would be better

I’m just loving it holy smokes!!!

They sit across in the room and tell me I don’t listen to nobody

And how should I feel after hearing it from a person who meant life to me

I’ve just realized I can’t change the way the people think

And yes, it hurts just as much as your eyes getting pinched

As if it’s been a million minutes and you haven’t blinked

While your nose is still stuck in the door hinge

And your entire existence turns out to be sinned

But the worst of it still remains inexpressible

Cause what I say is a hundred percent cerebral

Because the major part in it was played by a b****

Who’s just an overrated Jesus, actually isn’t worth shit

The thigs are getting heavy now

and we don’t understand what to reply he dissed us so bad, let’s just drag in di

Cause you know then I wouldn’t intercede, just accept whatever she’ll speak

And while you drench all this humanity out of her, you call her biased, you freak

But that’s what your love is, bleak and weak, what did you do for her in all these years? Traduce-y

Then what the f*** makes you wonder wiping off your tears is her God damn duty

Then go downstairs and tell the world you’ll confront me face to face, call the police

Cause the entire episode is just a giant heist, I robbed you off your mental peace

Then warned how I’ll skin you all like a flock of geese

And mark my words, even when the anger’s gone the intensity wouldn’t decrease

Cause it was you the one who drew the line

And forced the world to choose the sides

Whether you like it or not you got to agree

Then you played your card

I’m just an innocent millennial, save me please

I’m a hundred percent clean

He’s the one whose always so keen

To blow off on us

And he would just start to cuss

He made it all a fuss

Then he would just vent out

And put it up on the website

Without even feeling the need to discuss

It just leaves us all in disgust

Tell us yourself isn’t boycotting a must?

And the next thing to do, yeah that’s right

Call my mom up and tell her about the shit I write

Jesus Christ, I’ll get slapped twice or thrice

Still wouldn’t give a damn, just continue to write

Stand right beside and give a bright smile

Confused? Yeah that’s fine

Cause I mail her a copy myself of everything I write

Is that alright, I don’t think so no

But at least I ain’t got nothing to hide

Cause now I know that I’m riding on right

And it doesn’t matter if no one’s standing beside

It’s the entire world versus me in this fight

But don’t you worry, they call me modern day Zeus

I’m f****** God like.

Poetry, Quill


Turn in the beat of headlights, play the chorus, I’ve got something to edit, something to pen, something to confess

I know I let you down
And though you say the days are happy
Why is the power off, and I’m fucked up?
And yeah, I know I’m not around
But don’t you place the blame on me
As you pour yourself another drink and

I guess we are who we are
Headlights shining in the dark night, I drive on
Maybe we took this too far

I went in headfirst
Never thinking about who what I said hurt, in what verse
You all probably got it the worst
The brunt of it, but as stubborn as we are
Did I take it too far?
To the stars and all them other songs
But regardless I don’t hate you ’cause yeah
You’re still beautiful to me, I remember all those hours
Though far be it for you to be calling, the episode was Vietnam
Desert Storm and all of us put together
Can form an atomic bomb equivalent to chemical warfare
And forever we can drag this on and on
But, agree to disagree
It was all true I said, you were Brutus, et tu Brute, Ceaser was me
You’re kicking me out? I never cheated on you at least listen to me (little prick just leave)
Wait a minute, before we gloat, anything to have each other’s goats
Why we always at each others throats? Especially when you and me we both realize, We’re in the same fucking boat, you’d think that it’d make us close (nope)
Further away that drove us, but together headlights shine, a car full of belongings
Still got a ways to go, back to the launch when your feelings glowed
And I was always the leader of the pack, so my shoulders carried the weight of the load
Then it got all changed at the fete when our feelings were told, and
That’s when I realized you were hurt and it wasn’t fixable or changeable
And to this day we remained estranged and I hate it though, but

I guess we are who we are
Headlights shining in the dark night I drive on
Maybe we took this too far

But I’m really sorry for ‘To The Stars’, at the time I was angry
Rightfully maybe so, never meant that far to take it though, ’cause
Now I know it’s not your fault, and I’m not making jokes
That flow no longer goes and I cringe every time I get to hear its good- I might blow
And I think of you being placed in this situation
you yourself created for me everywhere I go
And how I just wanted you to taste your own, but
Now the all angers taken over and your mental peace’s deteriorating slow
And I’m way too old to cry, that shit’s painful though
I forgive you, can’t expect the same though
All you did, all you said, you did your best protect ‘em both
You only cared, that cross you bare, few may be as heavy as yours
I don’t want to accept it but I’m getting it now oh what a tangled web we have, ’cause

Cause enough of it shut the beat down now, lets get back to Prodigy, turn to my beats

Now, it feels I got to stay a mile away from raps, just look at them distantly

Cause the moment I pen one regret overpowers instantly

Force shut down these demons in my head

It’s the 3 in the morning I’m laying in my bed

The lyrics wont stop and the beat never dies, 24/7 365 all the time I hit this vibe

I ask to myself is this life

Too strong to cry too tough to die

Cant just end it all with a weak sigh

The expectations and the admirations are so damn high

Feels I’m male mother mary heaven’s my home and my ground is sky

Still i decide to go the other way round

I put this craft, out in public

and start to get replies

one says you sure you wanna do this

other says stop disturbing people’s peace of mind

Im sorry love, i never meant this

But you got to open your eyes, dont be biased, dont turn blind

Its the same people who did this shit

yet they never agreed to it

But once I pen it down, they feel all so relatable, cause now I’m blamable

Its so fix-atable, I guess im not bearable

but think of that young kid once

who walked in Rumi’s fields

and talked about Hafiz’s dreams

yet all he does now is cribs and screams

while you talk of peace of mind

after leaving him alone- he’s a problem child

well I guess you got to sit down

and hear not mine, not his, but your sound

before you prounce on that problem child

you got to open your eyes, don’t be biased, don’t be blind

Yeah, I’m sorry and scared to even think of her attempting suicide

But I guess it gotta be tasted once, what’s that- potassium cyanide

Life is all about highs and lows, but sometime certain things make you blow

And I don’t get it how is everything finished, when you end with end

With a heavy dialogue and feed me shit

Am I not supposed to bounce back, even if it’s through these little soundtracks

Well in the end, I just agree, even I feel I need a therapist to see

A mad child, a problem child, no one wants to see

But yeah don’t give me your fake sympathy

Just rather stay a block away from me

You all got it, stripped me off my confidence

Mission accomplished, I am off with competence

I rest my quill, guess that’s what doesn’t make us alike

As long I’ve got it I feel god like  

But I just wanna be a normal child

Snubbed in his books, got no reason to cry

No Mozart, got no skills

No dissing and no lyrical kills

Poetry, Quill

To The Stars?

Hey, people, this is my first ever rap. Hope you all enjoy it.

All characters and events in this rap- even those based on real people- are entirely fictional. The following craft contains explicit language and description and due to its content should not be viewed by everyone.


Also, I strictly am against the use of explicit language, yet keeping in mind nature of the industry and the need of hyperbole I had to include 6 such words in this 1019 word long rap. So, I’ll still censor a 0.0059 part of the rap, for I dont wish to degrade anyone’s dignity, not even accidentally. Here we go



Yeah, go again. That’s good huh?


Pick up the pen and open the pad

That’s a good alternate than look so sad

Now go back try vent out the crap

And vomit all out call it a rap

Then see them go crazy and mad

You write so well you must be crack

Well maybe I’m just a jack

But what if maybe Prodigy’s back


Prodigy made me and entertained you too

Can’t be gone already didn’t forget him, did you?

The crazy one, the one they call rude

And shrewd and lewd and the one who’s booed

When he walks up on the stage, yet without an apology

Maybe that’s why you take a bow, and call him prodigy

But how can I be so sure of his revival

When I, myself sit here struggling for survival

In this dark, in this abyss, where there’s no music

And no humming, and the beats ain’t drumming

And the rhymes ain’t running, and the quill ain’t flowing

And the flow ain’t going, and the fire ain’t blowing

And the eyes ain’t glowing, and this shit ain’t selling

And the pain’s only swelling and I sit with my head, weighed down

And raps ain’t spitting when I open my mouth

Got to put my hand in my throat and

Grab some lyrics and pull them out

Just to be sure I’m not knocked out


Knocked out from this game of pain and shame and blame

Where friends and lovers are changing every second

But I don’t wanna play this I reckon

Aah, you don’t get a choice, I’d rather die

You forgot it again, Kings never die

But you can always grab a corner

Where you sit and cry

You sure about that? Sure I can cry?

Oh yes I am, of course you can

After all youre just another man

That’s the best thing I heard, heard in days

Cause trust me dawg, I too want the same

Well in that case, I’m so sorry mate, it’s too damn bad

Cause now it’s something you can’t have

Whoa what’s that? Why I ask

But meanwhile three already shattered their hearts of glass

I rush to the sound, grab the pieces try to put ‘em back

But in the process, I cut my hand

And as if I’m some random woman, they see me bleed

And throw me out of their clan.


I sit back smiling trying to comprehend

Where when why in the wrong I went

How did I come in this position to vent

Was it in the fete or the texts I sent

Got to sit back for a moment and reminiscent

Cause let me honest I’m out of gas


Got to end this mess, stop being an over understanding a**

Seems like the end is near, got to pull out my finger dear

And not the ring, thumb, index, or pinkie dude

The one you pull out when you’re about to shoot

How many times do I tell you dear, I really just don’t care

Whether you hate me, or love me, or like me player

Just tell me where’s my God damn snare

Cause from this fake love of yours we are all so sick

And this ain’t for you, but the other one who’s reading this

The one who acted like a prick

Who created this illusioned love story of ours

Where I bring her the moon and all the stars

Well that’s the problem with all you girls

Talk to you nice, you’re singing with the birds


Now coming back to you, you go to my family and you cry

And tell them why he and me, we both should die

After all we force you to choose, and you get all so confused

Well guess what beggars can’t be choosy, and hear this from a beggar too

A beggar turned King, King turned poet, a poet who sings

A singer who’s dead, the dead who grins

I guess now its just turning into a diss track


Look at it yourself, even your thought is enough to distract

We’re now changing all its course, and getting on the opposite track

I’m steering it, this rap is a ship

I’m both zenith and nadir b****

any you don’t deserve any of it

Just stay a f***ing mile away from me

You better watch your language there

You better save it and shut up b****

It’s already enough of it

Can’t take no more of your s***

It’s a humble message to you all

Stop your a***s from bouncing on the wall

Gonna grab your throats and choke you all

And there’s no jokes or fun here kids

A simple warning gonna tear you in bits

Cause even I’m afraid devil’s back

He’ll put you all up in a sack

Light a fire beneath, and hear you shout

And wouldn’t even piss on it to put you out


But I don’t think I’ll be able to do that too

Seems, after all, I’m not so screwed

So once again, I’ll got the other away round

Pick up a two-point stick

And hammer it down my esophagus, till I can’t shout

And a lovely little fountain of blood spurts out

In the background, a profound harmony plays and trumpets fade

Creating a perfect verisimilitude, as to die I fall down

Like a man who tied his throat, with a rope

But the Gods cut it down, I touch the ground

But get right back up, horns start to blow and drums beat again

Just like that, I’m psyched back up

Did I fail again, or is it success


This Rubik’s– beautiful tangled mess

I look in the mirror all perplexed

Can’t even cry, nothing to regret

Just slide open your cupboard

Pull a suit, and get back dressed

Show the world why you’re the best

Everybody knows it’s lonely at the top

But I can’t just sit back and sob

Fit your shoes, the moon wasn’t far

Too easy dawg, now let’s get to the stars

Now let’s get to the stars

Now let’s get to the stars