Poetry, Quill

The Peasant’s Sophie

Ahoy!!! hope you are all doing well. Today, your humble servant, presents forth you the first part of probably his longest poetry and the very first ballad… So, here it is… enjoy the first 2006 characters… 😉 

Once on an isle, made of Glee,
A peasant fell in love with a maiden,
Called Sophie.
They were young kids back then, immature and guile,
Yet pretentious of wisdom Sophie cried,
“What purpose do I fill of yours? Obsessed with my slender waist and lissom neck, or something else that you adore?”

“Nothing much superficially to be obsessed, just the tenderness you carry within besides the way you dress”
said the peasant with a wry smile and suddenly “pardon” surprised Sophie replied.

“Oh! You’ve heard already, what I said,
It’s just the novice way to address”
Hiding her lovely smile, beneath the protest “Aren’t you afraid of my family’s power” she said.

“Fear is relative term I think, and seeing your beauty it ought to sink.”
“How unabashed peasant you are… Feel the agitation of the hour.
You’re talking to the daughter of grantor, seeing you behavior he may begin a war.”

“A war killing innumerable for a spark of love. If the grantor pleases so, I’m afraid soon it will be a land of crows.”

P.S. : The title MAY be temporary, wait for the complete update and continue reading my first ballad.

Poetry, Quill

I Wonder

In the middle of seasons
where numbness lays,
the dormant devil speaks today.

Some may call you drier than sand
to some you may seem wetter than rain,
Same may not pass you even as human,
some may call you humane.
It is nothing but the way you see.

There is no definition of you,
You are no type, symmetry or pattern.

From men like free birds to,
men like dedicated workaholics.
From the bubbly neighborhood women,
to the lifeless gaze of intellect
is what you are made of.

From a world yet to be discovered,
to the world, a long lost one,
From intricate tales of grand achievers,
to an ever smiling flower vendor outside.
A temple is what you’re made of.

I wonder, why do we have to talk the same,
like the same and feel the same
as a pre-determined order of civilized,
I wonder why we must result into the same,
when the entire cause is different.

Poetry, Quill


As i sat down, reminiscing the moments we shared,

I noticed intricate details,

that defined our love, the bond we shared.

I tried to bury my feelings,

but the crevice in my heart won’t be filled

and the tears in my eyes won’t stop,

I was devastated as I realised,

it was meaningless to be alive without a reason,

I am not here to wander aimlessly,

Devoid of purpose,

I was hopeless, as i got a call,

which changed me, my life, my everything,

that call was by my 


Poetry, Quill

Love notes

And the next time you come back ,
I will be right here ,
in this living room ,
Snuggled up between couch and table ,
In our white shirt ,
sipping ‘that’ coffee ,
Grinning at you after creating a mess ,
And I tend to close my eyes ,
When I know you’re here to catch me ,
If I ever fall .

Poetry, Quill

Grass and history

Every blade of grass,

That grows in the mud,

Tells a story unseen,

Unheard by anyone,

As they lay under the stars,

Teenagers they were,

And soon came marriage,

The leaves drenched in roses,

As the lightest feet,

Of a child touch the earth,

And soon, old age,

Turned another page,

And the ground was cleared,

Out for a grave,

And the little blades of grass,

Saw it all, yet was silent,

For many had come before,

And many would come again,

And the grass shall stand tall,

To bear it all,

Shining brightly, towards,

Another day.

Brevity, Poetry


Have you ever noticed?
How much we have changed
We are losing ourselves
We are putting us in slaves!!

Have you ever noticed?
How much we have changed
We are far away from solitude
We are becoming so rude!!

Have you ever noticed?
How much we have changed
We are living in hustle bustle
We are becoming so judgmental!!

Have you ever noticed?
How much we have changed
We are scrolling our phones all day
We are doing the things that others say!!

Have you ever noticed?
How much have we changed
We are forgetting our values all the time
We are taking revenge time to time !!

So why can’t we change ?
Isn’t it so strange …

So its time to think,
Let your eyes blink!!

Begin with the solitude
It will surely change your attitude !!

Poetry, Quill

Superficiality of death

The world thus comes to life,

Yet death still lurks on the pretty face,

Of a mother that just lost her child,

The mourning done, all rituals over,

What next? But the void still exists!

She did everything she could,

Yet nothing changed,

“His soul is at peace”,

Well, how do you know?

What proof do you have to say it’s so?

For all these people,

That never knew her child,

That knew of his existence,

Only AFTER he died,

What good must come from this facade?

The world still keeps turning,

As it should,

And she is now alone,Her hope lost for good…

Art, Brush, Poetry

Passion To Inspire

Come up with an inspiration,
Take away all the delusion.
Give them the strength they deserve ,
Keep their positive vibes preserve .
Boost them with the energy 
And  detain their lethargy.

So its the time to begin  

and lets do what we can …..

Art, Poetry

Just like you

Love of  mother and daughter  is always eternal 
“Whatever the situation i’m going through
I want to handle it just like you, 
I’m tryna watch each step you make
So i can take each step you take.
Like you i want to be strong 
so i can make you proud lifelong”
Poetry, Quill

The Best ♥️

This wonderful mind of mine,

Every breath, and every blow,

Changes its direction,

Yet I know, my heart,

It shall keep it on its course,

And take away every single doubt,

For my heart heads for home,

And a family, a warm abode,

And all of this I found right where I am,

What else? Shall a heart need,

What else shall a mind need,

And what else? Dare I ask,

From this family of mine,

Where all the love I have,

In truth, is sublime.