Art, Brush, Poetry

Passion To Inspire

Come up with an inspiration,
Take away all the delusion.
Give them the strength they deserve ,
Keep their positive vibes preserve .
Boost them with the energy 
And  detain their lethargy.

So its the time to begin  

and lets do what we can …..

Art, Poetry

Just like you

Love of  mother and daughter  is always eternal 
“Whatever the situation i’m going through
I want to handle it just like you, 
I’m tryna watch each step you make
So i can take each step you take.
Like you i want to be strong 
so i can make you proud lifelong”
Art, Brush

Yin Yang

3-D illustration of an aquatic Yin Yang by Artman, wherein sharks can be seen encircling each other representating, what’s above lies beneath too.

Art, Brevity


 Remember the time you were little you didn’t suppressed what you felt, you laughed the loudest laugh, and wept till your heart felt right. That little kid is still in you darling, find him. 

Art, Brush


Lord Krishana, has probably the maximum devotees than other Devis and Devatas, for “Kanhaiya” is known for their naughty tasks, an enigma, a maya and indeed his ineffable love for dearest Radha. Aliased by RadhaKrishn, they live in hearts of millions of their devotees. And here I present an oil art of their perennial love.