Poetry, Quill

You Deserve A Smile.

Till when will darkness seep away,
Into fibres of the cotton on your wrist,
As the light you loved goes so far away,
That you beg to glimpse through the mist,
Worry not, broken heart, look up and see,
Just see, it’s your turn to smile today,
Even though the pain hasn’t fully died,
Just know, it’s your turn to smile today,
You’re here with me, I see you now,
Feel the warmth of my embrace,
Forget the fires that burned you down,
And watch those little ones smile and sway,
The alleys that whispered those rotten sighs,
Behold, how brightly they shine today,
No matter what you’ve always been to me,
I love you, and you deserve to smile today.

Poetry, Quill

We’ve Met Before…

I do believe we’ve met before…

In the middle of the street, I saw you walk,
We locked eyes for some time, then I drove away,
Your entire journey had brought you here,
To look at me as I held your gaze,
What tears you’ve cried, I’ll never know,
What made me smile, you’ll never see,
As night falls and our minds are flushed,
You cross my mind like a summer breeze,
We’ll never meet, in the lives we have left,
As we sit here thinking, in our lonely balconies,
In silence, we both gaze at the streets beneath,
Perils, of the same old broken heart,
In the same old city, we shall fall asleep,
Yet our worlds exist two lives apart,
Both alive, but never in our memories…


Disenchanted Disgrace

What vigour remains,
In an ever motive world,
When metal mammoths,
Are reduced to cars,
And swing sets rust,
Under the sun,
When the enchanted eyes,
Of a curious child,
Are reduced to an adult’s,
Tired little gaze,
When birds flying by,
Aren’t magical,
What a useless,
Disenchanted disgrace.



“My son, just 5,

Fell from his bike,

And started to scream,

One less pearly white.

I gathered him up,

In my arms and cooed,

There there, my child,

Tis’ but a small wound.

And it struck me, how soon,

He’d be strong, now 18,

And heartbroken,

He’d want to cry.

But they’ll call him weak,

Won’t let him whine,

Overtime, he’ll learn,

How to fake a smile.

So I tell him now,

What he’ll hear all his life,

As I keep on telling,

My inner child,

There there, its okay,

You’re a husky big strong boy,

And I hurt myself, 

When I say these words,

It’s okay, strong boys do not cry.”

Poetry, Quill

Crimson colossus

As if the sun hadn’t gleamed enough,
It shone off the face of ‘gratitude’,
Glorious was he, king of the seven seas,
Glorious bastard, the warlock of lies,
Glorious indeed, a long ashamed,
To look in his children’s eyes,
The beggar that sat beneath his statue,
Has had no shade enough to sleep,
All I see in the statue’s eyes,
Are fountains of crimson, running deep,
And its lips do bleed,
Blood soaks its feet,
Perhaps, a drop at a time,
Or all at once, I smile,
For the crimson colossus that I see,
Has its features crooked and vile,
The crimson colossus that I see,
To you is a marble paradise,
For I know behind his benign smile,
Is where the sinister demons lie.



Something controls my mind,
It knows my soul well,
It never lets me be truly alone,
It’s the breathing down my neck,
The devil on my shoulder,
And it’s taking me too close,
To my last breath.

Poetry, Quill

Shall You Reply?

A mere greeting that you sent me,
Had sent my heart racing,
I’d fallen for you a thousand times,
I’d fall a million more again,
But you’ve kept me as a friend,
I heard your cries, I took your pain,
And you hugged me tight, I remember,
But we drifted away, you and I,
Your face dominates my mind, be sure,
I’ve read our chats a million times,
I’ll wait for your reply again,
As I sulk all through the night,
I’ll pretend to be asleep again,
As my tears come rushing out…

Brevity, Poetry, Quill


Why do I still believe in you,

Even though you let me down,

I lift you up, off the ground ,

maybe because I have been alone,

an loneliness is not a dream,

instead a harsh reality,

that shows you heavens up above,

and pulls the ground below your feet


My Wish

Ever feel like, just sitting under,the blanket of stars and just gazing into the night sky at 2:00 in the night? Just putting on your headphones and listening to Coldplay. Lying down next to someone you love? Carefree, sleepy, and a fire in your heart? Yes, Me too!!

Poetry, Quill

Hey, You.

I am you, yet not you.

You haven’t embraced ,me yet,

But I sit here with my open arms,

You can be me,

I can be you,

yet you don’t know me,

Someday, you might,

I hope that day comes soon

For you need me, your confidence,

Don’t listen to, what you are now,

Listen to what you can be,

I can be you, and you can be me

And together, we will conquer, all that we see.