Sometimes you can’t tell a person , how you feel. Even if their are endless ways of describing what you feel, sometimes the only answer is silence , sometimes you just have to feel. It’s so beautiful , how words become short to express your feelings, and still the other person hears what is said in the unsaid.



Sometimes you don’t what you’re feeling,
Sometimes you don’t know what to say,
Sometimes it feels as if darkness is engulfing you,
You’re tired of making people stay,
You’re tired of people walking out,
You show that it doesn’t affect you who’s there and who’s not,
but when it really does,
You just want someone to understand what you’re trying to say,
You want someone to value your presence,
And for once,
Just for once,
You want someone to be scared with the thought of you walking out of their life.

Quill, Write Ups


It’s been a long time now, and I’d like to bring this up and for good. You were everything before you broke me. don’t say that I never tried , because everytime I tried to forgive your mistakes , you stabbed my heart mercilessly. I tried to hold on. I tried to stay and maybe one day you’ll feel my void , you’ll yearn for my voice and you’ll look for me everywhere, but you won’t be able to find me. Because you lost me. And trust me, for good.

Poetry, Quill


It’s so easy for them,

to say a ‘goodbye’ when you’re at your worst,

to leave you when ‘need’ them the most,

to go ahead when you’re ‘calling’ them,

And to say that loving you was their ‘mistake’,

When you fell for them by that ‘mistake’.                  

 -Sanya Arora.


Little Things

Some days you’re on the verge of breaking down, because you’re tired of what you are. It’s a feeling that leaves you empty, and you feel the world is breaking down and so are you. But you still hold on, not for you but for the little things, that tell you, “Live a little more.”


Let Go

Sometimes you don’t need to keep reminiscing the past and the memories you made. Sometimes, you need to let go the memories and the sound of their laugh and the awkward moments. No matter how hard you try to push it away, it kind of stays in the air. Don’t blame yourself you were too much for them. They weren’t just enough for you.

Poetry, Quill

The Best

Before it’s too late,

I wanted to tell you,

All the awkward grins,

& awfully happy moments,

Are somethings,

That won’t get over,


Not everything lasts forever,

And sometimes,

Destiny plans,

Something else for us,

So here’s my promise to you,

No matter who comes into my life after you,

You’ll still be on the top of the list,


You are literally the best thing ever happened to me.