Forced Existence//

// we are forced to be born,
we are forced to exist,
we are forced to die
and in between,
we are forced to make sense
of the madness around us ,
of the chaos that is etched
deeply on the walls of our cranium.
and all for what?
no matter what we do,
or what we don’t do,
we will all stumble into oblivion
one day.
and yet we try
to repay these borrowed breaths,
breaths that we never wanted,
breaths that were forced upon us. //


The Nadir //

// my fingers flutter
as sounds echo in my head
my eyes gaze ahead
into a lattice of visions
no wind is blowing
there is a distant silence somewhere
but all i hear is the
screeching of emotions
ablaze in my heart
there is a path that leads somewhere
but it is far from here
the only thing here
is the numbing of my mind
and even my monsters
have left me amidst
the nadir of everything. //


Lifeless //

// a thousand broken dreams reside
inside the almond-shaped depressions;
a tiring heart beats waiting for answers-
digging out life one breath at a time;
the tear-stained cheeks give nothing away-
but the people point and whisper,
“here in this body,
there once was a soul .” //