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Dear Ex-Bestfriend

Hii, its been a long time since we talked, fought and a long time since we stalked some guy.

Ok so from a long time I was feeling this, I have never been your priority. You find solace in someone else, and I guess that’s alright priorities change, don’t they ?

Mine to changed from you topping my priority list to your position shifting to somewhat middle. I changed. For the better.

You have found some new friends and you really have made a sincere effort that I too indulge with them. But with them I feel like an anomaly, with you I felt like I belong.

There are still some bad days when your new found friends can not provide a solution you come to me. We share a good laugh things start falling into place and then when you start feeling better you find the company of your friend again.

You have not been here for a while now and I have changed. I am no longer the person that brushed off feelings. I do care for people around me. I am selfish now I care for my feelings too. And you hurt me.

The people I am with now are a bit nicer. They love me genuinely. Moreover they give me space.

This doesn’t mean we will not talk, we won’t discuss the new song thats been released last week. Its just that you are not my best friend anymore.




Happy Holi

On this festival of colours, wishing you all a very Happy Holi.

Hers’s a small request play a safe Holi and do not colour animals. Let’s make it a safe Holi for them too.

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Quill, Write Ups

What Do You Mean?

Many a times people try to open to you a topic that would instigate a reaction which is unpleasant to them, so they zigzag that to you in different conversation. Putting filters on that unpleasant thing. What they are actually doing is changing their emotions, putting a cover on them, and expressing it in a whole different way

 As I am growing older I  appreciate straight forward people more and more. Like ya..if you are angry at me please say that. If my action hurt you, express it. You don’t like what I did, tell me. I’ll respect you. There’s no point showing your passive aggresision. Speak about what makes you angry. You might face a spontaneous reaction of defensive behavior but trust me it’ll be whole lot better than speaking what you don’t mean and expressing what you mean in a zigzag way. Say what you feel, mean what you say.

Brevity, Quill

Woman’s Day

For one whole day the guy at the corner won’t eye her while she is going to the college. The one at the bike won’t pass vulgar comments on the girl standing at the bus stop. Today her parents won’t worry even if she comes late from work. They won’t be afraid to send her to school in the next village. The 7 year old’s cloth won’t prove to be provaking. The neighbours won’t judge her because she has male friends. She’ll have access to sanitary health. She’ll not be considered impure when she is on her periods. Today she and her brother will get equal freedom. She won’t have to sacrifice her career and job just to get married. Bearing kids will not be her ultimate goal. For just one whole day it’ll be a perfect world for her.

Because it’s WOMEN’S DAY, right?

Quill, Write Ups

To The Men In The Uniform,

Since I was small, I was taught about the past of our nation, our rich culture , our ideals, the war for independence, our freedom fighters. I was always taught to respect and love them. Now also whenever I see our national flag fluttering with pride at a high pedestal, I cannot control the goosebumps, and the rush of blood, that signifies how I love every aspect of our nation. It’s soil, it’s culture, it’s tradition are all a part of me. It has been a ritual to sit in the front of television to see witness the republic day parade and the flag hoisting.

And when you came back to your motherland draped in the same flag, I was sad, I was angry. Perhaps on our helplessness, perhaps on our lack of power to do something. I felt ashamed that we, the government, couldn’t do anything. I saw the video of the Pulwama attack and was terrified by it’s intensity. We surely couldn’t cover up the losses of your grieving families.

Seeing the news today at 9, I was yet again filled with pride for our Indian Forces. We can’t bring you back but we ensure you, we will build an India that fights back.


Happy B’day Anhad

To her loud laughters and welcoming smile,

Hey gurl….Happy Birthday.

Anhad, her name means the sound that has always been there from the very beginning, just like she is there for anyone and everyone. This girl has got a lively sprit. And is truly the life of the party and our small gangs. She spreads love like confetti. Partner in Crime on some days, stirct and stern on the others, she is the teacher’s favorite kid.

We wish you shine and break all the shackles to achieve what you deserve.

Happy 17th.

Team- The Pocket Diaries

Art, Brush

The Chestnut Tree

Under the spreading chestnut tree,
I sold you and you sold me,
Under the spreading chestnut tree.
-George Orwell (1984)
Art, Brush, Lens


How do I explain my love for books, I love their smell, the way their pages feel, and how they leave an everlasting imprint on my mind

Lights & Sounds

You are just like the lights that twinkle in my favourite metropolis.
Harsh at first glance, but soft and gentle when the noise fades away.

Quill, Write Ups

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s okay if you have cried a lot last night.

It’s okay to scream.

Its okay if today you do not feel the way you felt yesterday.

It’s completely understood why you need space.

It’s okay if you don’t wanna talk or share. You  want some me time and that’s perfectly perfect.

Let the feelings flow. If you want to cry, cry out loud, but once you are done it should be over. There is no point lamenting your whole life on one thing. Live a life full of emotions. Tell people you are not okay. You need to cry.

Now a days only a few face readers are left. You need to express to be understood. IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY.