Brevity, Quill


Her laughter rings out like ripples in still water. She giggles and chortles, eyes turned to slits and mouth in a wide smile. The creases of her face disappear, radiating pure joy. She keeps on laughing till her stomach hurts and jaw grows weary. And afterwards a warm and comforting feeling makes her glow. Her eyes dazzle with mischief as she hugs me. Yes, she was successful in scaring the wits out of me. After all my mother deserves her share of laughter.

Brevity, Quill


The cries wake me up in the middle of the night. Painful and morbid, these cries rake up a mysterious past. The bloody floor and blue eyes,staring at the knife in my hand. I try to brush off the accusing eyes, try to reason with myself, justify my actions. What force drove me to murder can’t be explained but those cries drive me to insanity. The cries of innocence pleading for mercy. The cries of a wounded girl stabbed by betrayal. I wake up in the middle of the night and sit still, waiting for redemption to come my way.

Brevity, Quill


It hurts…….

Hurts where no one should touch me

As I turn to stone

And stare at the wall in my room

Grey and somber

And a clock ticks in my head

Waiting for it to be over.

Poetry, Quill


First one of our latest member… ANHAD

The clinking empty bottles
The chiming wind chimes
Slurping cold water
Watering scorched eyes
Gurgling gargles
Crackling crumbs
Vibrating phones
Numerous goose bumps
Trembling feet
Shivering bodies
Rustling leaves
Singing chickadees
Beating hearts
Tapping fingers
Shaking heads
Popping blisters
Dripping cream
Morbid dreams
Jingling bells
Shattering glass
Screeching class
Scratching nails
Clattering teeth
Rattling tails
Drilling beats
Honking cars
Hurling abuses
From afar
Guffawing uncles
Smiling ladies
Gorging on
Indian delicacies
Gossiping gals
Snoring pals
Smacking lips
Fish and chips
Rhythm divine
Making a line
The spectrum of sounds thrives
Can listening suffice?