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Book Reviews

Mrs Funnybones

By- Twinkle Khanna
Genre- Humour
Overall rating-9/10
Twinkle Khanna in her debut work has surely made a mark. ‘She is just like you and a lot like me’ the tagline seemed very absurd to me at first. I seriously could not have thought to relate to the life of a women who is entrepreneur, actress, mother, wife and daughter of actor. But Khanna proved us wrong, with her cheeky remarks and colourful opinions about everything and anything. She’s got word of cautions for her neighbourhood aunties to the media paparazzi. You are surely not getting bored reading this as Twinkle Khanna’s quick humour keeps you glued to the book. In between those funny lines she has also included some pleasant scenarios of her life.
Khanna gives us this account in the form of short humorous pieces arranged in alphabetical order (A- ‘Am I an Idiot’ to Z- ‘Zip Your Mouth for God Sake’) that have inbuilt jokes about a prodigal son, a baby, the man of the house, the domestic wonder. The self-depreciating humour and many ‘Blimeys’ make the book worthwhile.
Some parts which I loved the most and enjoyed thoroughly-
• “Life is full of contradictions. We crave security and independence in equal measures.”
• “The United Nations research states that men with the longest life expectancy are from Japan, followed by Switzerland. I am rather surprised at this result as since time immemorial we have been doing the Karva Chauth fast to make sure our men have long lives, and the results should have definitely shown by now. I scan the list, confident that in this chart of life expectancy, the Indian man must definitely be in the top 5. Nope! There are 146 countries above us where the men have longer lifespans, and the biggest blow is that even with four wives who don’t fast for them, the Arab men outlive our good old Indian dudes.”
• “As my eyes are shutting, I think about the word ‘love’. It is multi-layered, convoluted and as imperfect as all human emotions. It is not your heart beating fast when you look at him (I even knew a girl who would throw up each time she saw her beloved) or constantly wanting to be with the other person. Love in any relationship, family or an intimate friendship, is only about putting the other person’s needs ahead of your own, and that, my friend, is just as simple and as complex as you make it.”

Open Letters



Dilli ki ladki, never knew one such hit album existed till my friend forced me to plug in earplugs and hear the whole song. And yes here I am, literally hearing this song everyday(tho, my friend still thinks i haven’t heard it since that day xd) but no, I genuinely loved it and I hear it almost every day
You know that first love, first sight, first looks, first eye signs, first everything..the same way how this song has my heart since first day.
All about how that guy knows he can’t sing, he isn’t still clear with his throat but knows its her birthday, that someone special’s birthday who is not just ordinary, but someone for whom words seem to say less. The way how he sings this lines,

लड़की तू कमाल है, लड़की तू बवाल है
सर से लेके पाँव तक लड़की बेमिसाल है
अलग तेरी चाल है, अलग ही अंदाज़ है
तेरा-मेरा मिलना ना कोई इत्तफ़ाक़ है

Took my breath away. Meeting you wasn’t co-incidence, and now that I have met you, I can’t stop thinking about you.
The way you are, the way your eyes speak, it seems as if you are an angel, heavenly beautiful lady with whom I have fell in love miserably and now that today is your birthday, I wanna tell the whole world how lucky I am to be that guy who fell for you.
I know we don’t talk these days, so yes here it is, the worldwide wish to someone who has stolen my heart since day one.

Dear Tanzeel Khan,
I don’t know whether you will even read this or not, but let me tell you, every girl i repeat every girl needs a guy like you who can scream their lungs out to say that she is my girl. The way you sung, we all wished the song to have been a little longer a little more of you and a little more of our woving dreams for our prince charming to do such thing some day.
Thankyou for this album, thankyou for letting my friend force me to hear you.
I am still humming and maybe will humm this song till forever❤

By:Bansari Parikh

Open Letters, Quill

Happy Birthday Eishta

Well, to be honest, I don’t know you much beyond your perfect brush strokes or your sublime sketches, but still, I guess, that’s not a reason good enough to not write this letter, is it?

So imagine videotaping rubbing an entire eraser into those residual spongy fringes it breaks into… And then, rewinding the entire video as a time lapse. Sounds foolish right?

Now imagine, each fringe is one of those little miniscule conversations we have – about art, about ambition, about religion, about suspensions – and everything in between. Then believe, the end of the video, the complete eraser, that represents a perfect alliance. And as for the time lapse – that’s life.

Yeah, so, fitting one chat at a time, fringe by fringe, into a seraphic mould aka eraser, I guess that’s the only and also the very essence of this co-artist/worker/acquaintance bond we share.

Looking forward to being lucky enough to the complete the eraser.

Happy Birthday Eishta

Keep creating wonders


Alive //

// i feel heaviness in my limbs
hurt in my chest
hope on overgrown cuticles
they say i look dead
but i have never felt more alive
never quite realised how heavy
the burden of breathing is. //


The Last Dance

Under the embedded jewels in the sky,
the moonlight, glittering & pale,
the blank black sky looking upon us,
as we dance with goodbyes in mind,
the somber music plays,
and the tears dance down my face,
while the universe,
pours rain in torrents,
but the rain doesn’t stop us,
With stardust clouding our feet,
we collide into each other,
slow dancing, hearts beating,
We held each other close
for the last time,
as the rest of the world faded away,
Why can’t we dance forever
holding onto each other
and never letting go?
Two people dancing to the
The melody of their love,
Our foreheads touched each other,
whispering “I love you” ,
and our lips touched as the music stopped.
The rhythm stops,
and we slowly part,
holding this moment in our hearts
for an eternity.


The Bottom //

// the sun shines fiercely
beads of sweat carpet my back
as i finish the last of my coffee
my eyes dart towards the undissolved
lump of sugar at the bottom
the afternoon is busy with
the rumbling of everyday drudgery
and i sit sweating
quietly wondering how large
my unwanted lump would be
when my glass has run out //



For a moment you pause, in the middle of the road, silent, ignorant, calm, the small drops of rain splash across your face, a cool breeze engulfs you, your mind nudges your arms to spread out, as the air seems to give you the illusion of flying, you lift your face up, close your eyes, with the pitter-patter of rain, playing in a loop, a rhythm refusing to leave you. Forgetting the honking car behind you, or the people staring and sneering at you, floating in a reverie, the world and its shackles don’t bind you. Eyes are not needed to see the beauty of these colours swirling in your head, patterns, designs, folding, unfolding.

At this moment, you are alone, yet strong, asleep, yet awake, with the zephyr holding you in a tight embrace. For a few seconds, it seems that you have opened the door to freedom, unconscious of society and its norms.

For a few seconds, you smile, unabashedly.